Friday, January 2, 2009


Just watched Bill Maher's Religulous over at the Google video...

I'll give a brief rundown... While certainly not the most thorough evaluation of religion in society (and let's face it, every documentary ever seen is not exactly the most in-depth analysis... read the book, it's always better— yes MOM, I just wrote that), it is pretty funny, kinda out, and only a touch preachy. Well, kinda preachy. And totally takes a real scared-straight approach right at the end.

So the brief rundown is this... Americans are fucking idiots. Religious nuts are SUPER idiots. And all the major religions are dumb. And then there's Mormons. And Scientologists. And pretty much they're real dumb.

One interesting thing tidbit Bill touches on is the whole hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church... and ya know, how none of that was really set out by the teachings of Jesus or any of that... it was just sorta INVENTED by MAN afterward. Good times.

There's a lot I could go into, like things I'd wished he'd talked about, but again, it's just a documentary, not really like a Fast Food Nation expose. Anyways, check it out if you've got 2 hours to kill and you either know your faith will see you through, or you think you have no faith. Or whatever. I don't care. Is there a religion for apathetics? And don't go all flying pasta dish on me... even though I love that damn meatballed son of a bitch.

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